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La Fornace

Rubano (PD),

Urban requalification of an ex-industrial area which envisages the realization of two new buildings for commercial and office use toghether with an area to parcell out for residential use.
The site, just outside the town of Rubano, is an urban growth area where is planned the realization of a new residential quarter.
The edifices, with appealing architectural lines, will be built using innovative material and technologies to provide a high quality standard and significant reduction of energy consumption.

Description Multi-use urban redevelopment of an industrial area
Location via Antonio Rossi, Rubano (PD)
Completion date 2014
Total area 29.167 sq. m
GFA 10.046 mq
offices: 1.800 sq. m
retail: 2.550 sq. m
residential: 5.696 sq. m
Connections bus
Distances 1 km Rubano city center
8 km from Padua city center
55 km from Marco Polo Venice airport
10 km from highway A4
In the proximity of the new Padua Ringroad
Contacts Project Manager Alfredo Gasparri