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Green Village

Monterotondo (RM),

Urban requalification of a well-connected ex-industrial area in Monterotondo Scalo encompassing a multi-use development surrounded by green areas.

Green Village includes residential buildings, shops and stores, a hotel, offices, an elderly home, services, restaurants and leisure facilities.

Innovative bio-technology construction techniques offer a significant reduction to power consumption and guarantee eco-sustainability.

Green Village, the comfort of the city, miles away from the traffic but still close to Rome

Green Village

Description multi-use urban redevelopment of an industrial area
Location Monterotondo (RM)
Completion date 2020
Total area 93.178 sq. m
GFA 43.683 sq. m
residential: 20.000 mq
elderly home: 4.297 mq
offices/shops: 2.688/682 mq
restaurants and entertainment: 1.480 mq
swimming pool: 1.078 mq
hotel: 4.600 mq
supermarket: 1.700 mq
shops: 2.158 mq
stores: 5.000 mq
Green spaces private gardens: 3.000 mq
pubblic green areas: 22.000 mq
Parking areas 11.00 sq. m
Extra bio-technology construction techniques
solar and photovoltaic panels
passive solar tecnolo
rain water recovery
passive heating and cooling

light railway, bus

Distances in proximity to light railway station
20 mins from Tiburtina railway station
23 km from Rome downtown
11 km from G.R.A. (Rome ring road)
9 km far from A1 highway
Contacts project manager Massimo Mencarelli