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Condotte Immobiliare Origin

1880 - Condotte venture officially began with the signature of Re Umberto.

1923 - the basis of the real estate was laid upon the construction of the first building: Fabbricato Forni in Vado Lugure.

1989 - the future holding of the Group "Ferfina" was set up.

1991-1994 - Ferfina established a real estate division within Ferrocemento, with the aim to:

  • manage the four companies' real estate assets and operate dismissal when needed
  • identify and acquire high potential development assets
  • develop a real estate specialized organization

1995-1997 - The acquisition of other important Italian companies, also working within the real estate business (Gruppo Recchi Co.Ge., Gambogi Costruzioni and Condotte d'Acqua), has contributed to the growth of the division in terms of technical competencies, real estate properties and development projects.

2002 - Condotte Immobiliare Società per Azioni was established as a Ferrocemento real estate division's spinoff, concentrating in a newco all the Groups's real estates' activities. Condotte Immobiliare, inheriting the Group expertise and its wide range of competencies and capitalizing the means, has become straight away a point of reference in the Asset Management and Service Providing sectors.

2007 - Condotte Service S.r.l. has been launched as a division dedicated to the Global Service for property and facility management becoming a company working for the Group as well as on behalf of third parties.